BlueStar™ is Conversion Energy Systems’ SM (CES) new plastic-optimized gasification system. Similar to blue stars, which produce more energy and are more luminous than lower mass stars, our BlueStar ™ system has been engineered and designed to maximize the extraction of thermal energy from plastic waste. Our system safely eliminates any carbon-based feedstock, and the resulting clean, consistent, and energy-rich syngas offers a broad range of scalable power solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs.

plastic to power

BlueStar™ maximizes thermal energy extraction from landfill-bound plastic, producing an energy-rich synthesis gas that is then treated (cooled, dried, filtered and compressed) prior to being directed to a generator set to produce electricity.

CES creates a positive economic value for your residual plastic material by

reducing your electricity costs

reducing your waste disposal costs

avoiding its landfilling, burning or release into the environment

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Specifications Sheet
Accepted Feedstocks PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, OTHER plastics or any combination of these.
Feedstock Condition Shredded. Colored and unsuitable plastics for recycling can be processed by our system.
Operation Continuous
Tons per Day As per client´s requirements. Our gasifying chambers are scalable, so we can tailor our systems to customer specifications where necessary.
Power Output As per client´s requirements.
Additional Power Options Heat from the system can be utilized to produce hot water or steam.
Amperage 70 amps. 3-phase electric.
Dimensions Our units typically fit within the footprint of a 40 ft shipping container, i.e., 40´long x 8´wide.


CES also offers a variety of solutions for your material destruction needs. Whether if your feedstock is susceptible of being shredded or not, the flexible implementation features of our units—ease of transport, compact footprint and minimal site modification required— allow you to swiftly meet your product destruction needs as they appear, ensuring safe and sustainable disposal practices in your organization.

CES is committed to assist you in diverting your waste from landfills and meeting your critical sustainability goals by reducing:

the mass of your carbon-based waste materials by 99.99%

your waste disposal costs

your storage costs

If the energy content of the resulting syngas is not suitable to produce electrical energy, syngas would be directed to a thermal oxidizer, where volatile contaminants are eliminated, generating substantial heat. This hot air is available for subsequent energy recovery options, including the production of hot water and steam.

Specifications Sheet
Accepted Feedstocks Carbon-based feedstocks, including biomass and animal bed, MSW, medical waste, drugs, and seizures.
Operation Batch. Continuous.
Tons per Day As per client´s requirements. Gasifying chambers and oxidizers are scalable, so units can be tailored to customer specifications.
Mass Reduction Up to 99.99%: Subject to slight variations depending on the feedstock.
Additional Power Options Heat from the system can also be utilized to produce hot water or steam. If your feedstock has just enough Btu content, we could also produce some electricity.
Amperage 70 amps. 3-phase electric.
Dimensions 20 ft. shipping container footprint, i.e., 20´long x 8´wide.


Small scale and self-contained, with minimal site preparation. Units can be containerized per client´s needs and specifications.

Turnkey and scalable solutions. Larger systems can be built to customer specifications

Easily transportable in accordance with energy and disposal requirements.

Highly automated, minimizing the need for operator oversight

Designed and tested to operate continuously.

EPA tested and approved

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Want to hear more about our cost-effective solutions to your specific energy and / or material destruction needs? Contact our Sales Team here to find out how our solutions can create a positive economic impact on your organization or to request a product demonstration at our Showroom.