plastic to power

Harvesting the power of plastic through gasification

CES is a leader in the development of advanced thermal conversion technologies that safely transform plastic waste into energy.

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Plastic to Power

Put your residual plastic to work while avoiding the cost of disposal. BlueStar™ converts plastic waste into a clean, consistent, and energy rich synthesis gas (syngas), ready to meet your power demands. Just like stars consume hydrogen (H) and helium (He) to produce energy, BlueStar™ converts syngas to electric power.

Modular design, ease of transport, compact footprints, and minimal site modification requirements are features that make the BlueStar™ system the ideal solution for capturing value from your residual plastic.

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To solve problems related to sustainable disposal, CES also offers scalable and highly automated systems that reduce waste mass of any carbon-based feedstock up to 99.99%, resulting in superheated cleansed air through our oxidizer. This hot air is available for subsequent energy recovery options, including the production of hot water and steam.

Make a positive impact with CES´ environmentally friendly gasification units by maximizing the diversion of your waste from landfills.



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