Tommaso Costantini , Technical Engineering Specialist
Mr. Costantini previously worked with Chemex Global, where he led projects and/or was a process engineer on: 10 MW Modular Hydrogen Platform; 3000 BPD Renewable Integrated Biofuels; Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Facility (240 MTPD); Biosolids Gasification; Hexene Production (130,000 MTPY); Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Facility (216 TPD); Steam Cracking (2 MTPD Hydrogen); Ammonia Cracking (200 kg/d Hydrogen); Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Facility (480 MTD). He also received valuable experience working at Tesla as an Energy Analyst. Tommaso is highly skilled in a wide variety of software and engineering programs. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M and was in their Honors Engineering Program. He enjoys cooking, gardening, tinkering on side engineering projects, and is an avid reader and writer in his spare time.