We all benefit from this product, because it’s ensuring a cleaner future for our planet. But Plastic Reclaimers, Material Recovery Facilities, and governments, industrial, and other organizations with excess plastic waste appreciate the benefits of our products. Finally, a way to turn trash into energy. Keep the energy to power your facilities or sell it to the grid.

Because The CE200+ is modular and scalable, output can easily be configured to meet customer needs. Practically, it generates from 400kW to in excess of 1.2MW – depending on the number of micro-turbines, compressors, and reactors. 

The CE200+’s new, patent-pending, plastics-optimized gasification system uses a proprietary thermal conversion process to transform waste-stream plastics into electricity, heat, and cooling.

Pricing varies depending on your customized needs. Please complete the Customer Questionnaire, so that our team can provide you with pricing, ROI models, and project your payback period.

The enclosed unit is as small as 12’x40’. Its modular, customizable design maximizes mobility, flexibility in size as well as output.
Gasification, a well proven process with a long history that converts carbon-based feedstocks into gases.
While gasification and pyrolysis are both more efficient processes to produce energy and have inherent advantages over incineration for emissions control, pyrolysis typically produces liquid products, versus gasification’s gaseous product. However, when thermally treating plastic waste, gasification can process a broader range of difficult-to-recycle plastics, compared to pyrolysis.

The CE200+ is the first system of its kind to specifically convert landfill-bound plastics to energy.

Accepted Plastics: